Growing Up

My oldest is five, almost six. She is in Kindergarten and just learning as much as her little brain can absorb. For the last month they have been learning about “community helpers,” think firefighters, police officers, and the like. She has been loving it. The police department gave all the kiddos all these cute little badges. The fire department gave them cute little fire hats. A nurse gave them masks, gloves, and many other things. My daughter absolutely loves playing with these now. In fact you can often find her with all of these on and playing some game with her little sister.

Now they are learning about Presidents. And she is just as fascinated about that role as the rest. She even tried to make sure that she was born “here” so that she could be president someday. She said that since she is really patient she would make a great one. Let the record stand, my child takes after her Momma and is quite lacking in the patience department.

Here’s the thing, my kid loves to dream. And when she dreams, there are no limits on what she wants to do. So one day I decided to ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up. And her big answer was “to help people.” That is something that will make anybody’s heart swell with absolute pride. But see she can’t just decide on one way to help, so she is going to do them all… AND boy does she have a plan on how to do that. I will do my best to get it exactly the way she told me.

Her schedule, according to her, will look something like this:

Mondays – Astronaut (she really wants to set foot on Mars and this has been one of her longest goals.)
Tuesdays – Police Officer
Wednesdays – President (she is torn here because as she found out today you have to be old before you can be President, so this could be the day she will change most frequently. Her words, not mine.)
Thursdays – Fire Fighter
Fridays&Saturdays – Ballerina (if I have never mentioned she is quite my aspiring little dancer. This is truly where her heart lies, even if she won’t admit, I know.)
Sundays – Doctor

So as I said she so far has her life pretty well mapped out. I’m glad that she realizes she can be anything she wants to be. I’m also proud to know that she really wants to be a part of the community and help others. But I’m really happy to hear that Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays never change. Who knows maybe an ex-Prima Ballerina will walk on Mars someday. You just never know. And I know that she can do it because she dreams as big as she can. Nothing will hold her back.

However then she had to ask what I wanted to be when I grow up… I will be thirty in a couple of years and I still can’t answer that question. But you know what, if anything my daughter has taught me that dreams are good. And that it’s perfectly normal to be a little undecided. Heck maybe I should take after her and have a different job everyday.

Do we ever really “grow up?” Heck does anybody truly know what they want to be when they grow up?


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