Because I Drink Water

It’s been really crazy in my house lately!  My oldest has officially been registered for Kindergarten, please excuse me while I go lock myself away and just cry.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that she has gotten so big, and then other days it just makes perfect sense.  Take the other day for example!  She is learning about bugs at preschool right now, and the amount of information she retains is absolutely unbelievable!  This is how the conversation went…

Me: So what do you remember about bugs?

Miss 5: They have 6 legs, spiders are not bugs.

Me: Awesome, how many body parts do they have?

Miss 5: Three.

Me: You are just so smart! How did you get so smart?

Miss 5: Because I drink water. You would be smart too, mommy if you would drink more water.

And there you have it folks, the world’s problems solved by a five year old, just drink more water.  Now in her defense she is probably right, I should probably drink more water, but the truth is Dr. Pepper would go bankrupt without me.  I also complain about my papers making my brain hurt.  So she just puts two and two together in the most innocent way and says that I need more water.  Don’t worry folks her pocket protector is on it’s way!  I’m pretty proud to be raising such a nerd, I’m a nerd, Daddy is a nerd (in his own way – books never were for him, but give him a carburetor and a blindfold and he will have it built before you can even crack open your Dr. Pepper), my parents are nerds, my in laws are nerds… seriously though you get it.  Nerd runs in the family.  I hope she grasps onto all that knowledge and she just shines so bright.  I mean I could be raising the next greatest astronaut, well only after she completes her ballet career.  Those are all her dreams not mine.  My dreams for her are to just go and do so much more than I ever did.  That’s my dream for both girls actually, and I hope that they will support each other and push each other to fly so high!

Well now that was mushy wasn’t it?  It’s a nice little moment of reflection for me though.  It reminds me that not all days are grim and dark.  It reminds me to be hopeful, innocent, and to dream.  Even though my own personal school load has gotten stressful (and will only continue to get even more so), it is nice to have these moments where I’m able to just sit back and realize that I’m not completely messing up.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not completely out of that stupid hole yet, but the light is starting to get closer.  Those two little balls of spunk and sass are the ones that keep me motivated to give them a better and brighter future.  This week is my last week of classes, next week is finals then I get a week off before summer classes start!  I got this.  And you know what?  So do all of you other parents out there.  It doesn’t matter what any one of us are going through, I know that each and every one of us will make it through.  And hey take comfort in knowing that it does get easier.

And hey don’t forget – water solves everything!


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