Not Your Regular Blog

This isn’t going to be your run of the mill mommy blog.  This is going to be my stories and my experiences as I maneuver my way through not only adult life, but also motherhood, marriage, and my non traditional student status.  I am far from perfect at any of those titles, and I’m not afraid to admit it.  If no one reads these that’s okay, it will be here for me to look back on.  But I do hope to touch someone along the way and perhaps help them out.  I think it’s important to remember that no one is ever truly alone in any experience.  We may all have different stories but at least one other person has experienced something similar to what you may be going through right now.  Experiences and just story swapping can change anyone’s outlook on life.  So here’s a small back story of who I am…

I am about to enter my late twenties, do you know how much that sucks to admit?  I am also a mother, duh right, to two beautiful and sassy daughters.  I am a wife to a truly amazing man.  I am also a full time non traditional freshman student at the local university.  Yes you read that right, I am in my late twenties hanging out with eighteen and nineteen year old kids everyday.  My daughters are more fun and easier to understand than the teenagers I’m in class with.  Speaking of daughters, my best friend is almost five and she is quite opinionated about life.  She isn’t afraid to take a stand on something and do whatever it takes to get her way.  This usually means throwing a temper tantrum, but she gets her point across.  She is one of my heroes, I want to have her attitude towards life.  So innocent and so strong.  My two year old daughter is about the same, but right now she relies heavily on the tantrums in order to get her way.  Her determination is something I lost along the way of adulting, and want to find it again.  Yes she is one of my best friends and my heroes also.  My husband is my best friend also, he stuck by my side even though life got dark for me for awhile.  His pure and undying love is refreshing on a day where I just can’t figure out what is making me sad or just bleh feeling.  In case you can’t see a trend here I will spell it out for you.  I don’t have much of a life at this point, if it doesn’t have anything to do with my family or classes it usually doesn’t include me.  I also don’t have many friends, I have a special title for myself but I can go into that later.  I am in school again because I needed something for myself, but I also wanted to make a difference in others’ lives as well.  So my goal is to work with at risk youth and maybe even those who have already entered the system.  I want to teach them that crime isn’t always the answer, and it isn’t a death sentence either.

So if you are looking for someone that will lay all her hopes, dreams, failures, and vulnerabilities all out into the open, you found her.  Together I hope we will all be able to make this world just a little bit more honest, and hopefully a little bit brighter.  I have heard the saying before but I will repeat it again moms wear capes, some of us just choose to wear them differently than others.


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